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Company Profile

J&S Telecoms Int'l Pte Ltd was founded by a management team who have, amongst them, more than 20 years of experiences in the Telecommunications Industry with extensive experiences in System Integration works.
Our company specializes in providing complete turn-key systems integration solutions to our customers as our core business.
Some of our experiences in major turn-key projects include HF Transmitters and Antenna Farm systems, Mobile and Fixed sites Coastal Radar systems, FM/TV and Digital Audio and Video Broadcast systems, Runway Caravan systems, Spectrum Management systems, Marine Oil & Gas systems etc.

Our Vision

To Become A Major Player And World-Class Turn-Key Solutions System House In The Telecommunications Industry

Our Capabilities

We have full capabilities in offering complete turn-key solutions involving Design, Installation, Commissioning, Project Management and Documentation for the Tele-communications industry. 

We also provide sales of a full range of wireless communications (ranging from MF, through to Ka band and beyond where necessary). These includes military, broadcast, and commercial communications systems, RF surveillance and monitoring systems, VSAT systems, radar systems, Digital TV repeater & gap filler systems, Base stations monitoring systems, Microwave equipment, Mobile communication shelters, various security solutions for government agencies, etc.

In addition, we also offer telecommunications consultancy services to our partners and customers. Where specialized professional consultancy services are required (e.g. RF coverage within tunnels and buildings, Electro-Magnetic Interferences (EMI) / Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) services, Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), etc., these shall be offered by us, or through our various Principals.

Maintenance support and managed services are also included as part of our services to our customers.

Our Business Strategies

We capitalized on our company's strength by focusing on System Integration and sales of telecommunications products for the key Tele-communications Industry.
By focusing on our core capabilities, we maintain only key project personnel for design, supervision and commissioning, and out-sourced all other works. This enables us to keep our cost and overheads low. As such, we are able to capitalize on our lower cost structure and flexibility to compete with larger competitors.
We also actively seek out complementary partners to participate in major tenders and to help us to expand into the region.
As we are not bounded to any specific manufacturer, we are able to identify, source, solution & integrate the most suitable and cost-effective products from the market that best meet customer's requirements.
With the above, we aim to achieve Product & Service Differentiation through the provision of cost-effective, high value-added solutions to our customers.

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