Company Profile

J&S Telecoms International Pte Ltd

J&S Telecoms International Pte Ltd is now known as J&S International Pte Ltd. Leveraging on the 20 years of experience of our core staff, we are embarking on a journey into new fields of business and technology, including green energy, eco-technology, renewables, electric vehicles, health and wellness.

In addition to our new explorations, we still retain our extensive experience in building complete, turn key, systems integration solutions for all our customers as a core strength of the company. Our experience includes the following areas:

  • HF Transmitters
  • Antenna farm deployments
  • Mobile and fixed coastal radar systems
  • FM/ Digital TV, Video and Audio systens
  • Outdoor Broadcast truck for both TV and radio
  • Mobile Hospital truck
  • Runway Caravan systems
  • Spectrum Managment systems
  • Marine, Oil and Gas systems

We also provide comprehensive and non-comprehensive maintenance and support plans for all our customers’ needs.

We continue to capitalize on our core strength of system integration works and targeted sales of key telecommunication and broadcast products. We focus on retaining key project management personnel to design, supervise and commission, while outsourcing all other works in order to keep our overheads costs low and flexibility high, enabling us to compete on an even ground with much larger competitors.

Without being bound to any specific brands, we actively seek complementary partners and identify new and old products that can best suit our clients diverse requirements especially when bidding for new tenders in the Asia Pacific Region.

We have an active growing team dedicated to new business in growing and established fields, and we are keenly developing our new capabilities. We are also open to working with other established and developing companies who can benefit from our unique experiences and viewpoints.

Our Vision

To become the industry leader in future technology fields and continue building our strengths as a world class turn-key systems integration solutions provider

Our Business Strategies

We capitalized on our company’s strength by focusing on System Integration and sales of telecommunications products for the key Tele-communications Industry.

By focusing on our core capabilities, we maintain only key project personnel for design, supervision and commissioning, and out-sourced all other works. This enables us to keep our cost and overheads low. As such, we are able to capitalize on our lower cost structure and flexibility to compete with larger competitors.

We also actively seek out complementary partners to participate in major tenders and to help us to expand into the region.

As we are not bounded to any specific manufacturer, we are able to identify, source, solution & integrate the most suitable and cost-effective products from the market that best meet customer’s requirements.

With the above, we aim to achieve Product & Service Differentiation through the provision of cost-effective, high value-added solutions to our customers.