About EddyStone

A brief history of Eddystone:

  • 1923 Eddystone was born under the name ‘Stratton and Company’
  • 1937 Eddystone makes its first transmitter
  • 1997 Eddystone supplies world’s first DAB transmitter network to the BBC in the UK
  • 2006 Eddystone moves into new office and factory complex near Evesham Worcestershire
  • 2008 Eddystone becomes part of the Interface Group
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Our Philosophy

Low lifetime cost of ownership

Fully modular with common modules for all power levels

Simple servicing, module hot-swaps possible by non-technical staff. Low cost Multiple redundancy built in with dual circuit power and dual exciter switching as standard

Comprehensive digital monitoring and control possibilities
(LAN, IP, parallel, serial)