Pre-installed Variable ND filter

Seamless ND filter switching without any visible physical filters. This allows for smooth transitions between different lighting conditions without any disruption to the broadcast. Additionally, the system supports both high frame rate (HFR) and is switchable between deep/shallow depth of field, making it well-suited for sports applications where capturing fast-paced action and dramatic shots is essential. The variable ND filter is pre-installed, allowing for smooth exposure adjustments without affecting image quality.

BVM-HX3110 30.5-inch 4K TRIMASTER HX™ Professional Master Monitor

Your monitor is the critical link in every live workflow, relied on by directors and production teams as a benchmark for the integrity of your image. From shooting to finishing, our 4K professional monitors reveal every detail with unerring accuracy and consistency – allowing you to focus on creating unforgettable images that audiences love.


PVM-X series 4K HDR TRIMASTER High Grade Picture Monitors

PVM-X Series Achieve colour matching with the Industry-Leading BVM-HX310 Master Monitor and an All-white Luminance of 1000 cd/㎡. With its compact size and high portability, the monitors are aimed to expand footprints in 4K HDR production, including versatile applications.