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Miniature Full-HD Camera (3G/HDSDI & HDMI)


Miniature Full-HD Camera (3G/HDSDI)

Marshall’s versatile HD/UHD/4K cameras are designed around the latest in sensor technology and refined to meet the highest in broadcast standards. They deliver ultra-crisp video with true colors, and feature interchangeable lens flexibility with secure, full-sized output connections. The cameras have a range of remote adjustable broadcast settings and come in a straight-forward and durable design with affordable price points. Marshall Cameras are widely used in sports production, live performance, house of worship, broadcast television, news/weather-casts, corporate video, courtroom capture, government assembly, education, theatrical, live streaming, and a variety of other broadcast, ProAV, and UCC applications.

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Camera Usage Case Studies

1. Volleyball Net Cams

The Marshall CV500-series has been used in the NCAA for HD net cam shots.

2. Basketball Backboard and Pole Cams

The PAC-12 Network uses Marshall POV Cameras in the backboard and on the pole behind the backboard, giving viewers uninterrupted real-time views of fast-paced basketball strategy in action.

3. eSports Live Stream

The eSport craze is gaining momentum at a rapid pace. According to market researcher Newzoo, eSports at large made $696 million in 2017, with a total audience of 385 million people. But these numbers are expected to grow exponentially over the next few years, with Newzoo predicting that by 2020, overall revenue for eSports will be in the $1.5 billion range, and have more than 589 million people tuning in.This movement has in large part been spurred on by the phenomenal growth of live web stream websites like Twitch, where users can watch eSport athletes play video games and narrate as they play. Twitch boasts a current audience of about 55 million users, with a much sought-after demographic for advertisers of young, male die-hards (81.5% of twitch users are male, with 55% in the age range between 18-34). There are currently over two million users who broadcast live on Twitch each month, and the appetite for viewing live eSports competitions is only growing.

Marshall POV Cams are the leading cameras used to get the “player cam” shot focused on the athletes’ faces.

The Marshall CV502-MB/M has been mounted atop computer monitors to capture the “player cam” view for popular eSports championship broadcasts. You can view an actual picture of the event with our Marshall CV502 Cameras mounted on top of the monitors here.

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