J&S EFP Remote Production System

The J&S EFP Remote Production System could replace the SMPTE 304M hybrid cable with a single-mode fiber optical cable between the EFP camera and CCU. Therefore, achieving the same effect as direct connection with the SMPTE 304M hybrid cable.

The portable EFP Remote Production System comes with LEMO 3K.93C standard interface and it can be equipped with TAJIMI interface as an option.

Supported camera brands  :  Sony, Panasonic

Supports HD channels and 4K channel adaptation.

With the J&S EFP Remote Production System, you can achieve:

  • 80km extension of HD channel cameras
  • 60km of 4K channel camera


You daisy chain up to 4 nos. of RP201s and connect to the rear of 4 nos. of RP202s CCU devices through a single fiber. All this is done via Cascading.

Take note that any device with power outage doe not affect the normal operation of other devices.

Optional frame panel which supports rack mounting (standard 2RU with 19inch structure) for 2 nos. of RP 201 can be requested.


It supports up to 4 nos. of RP202 in cascade mode, connects up to 4 remote RP-210 cameras via one single-mode fiber. It is for end device connection.

Take note that any device with power outage dot not affect the normal operation of other devices.

Optional frame panel which supports rack mounting (standard 1RU with 19inch structure) for 4 nos. of RP 202 can be requested.


Bidirectional 12G-SDI

  • Backward compatible with 6G/3G/HD/SD

The J&S IOTS-Mini-4K comprises of a 2 -channel 4K interface, which can form a bidirectional 4K transmission link. The transmitting end has a Loop out port and the receiving end has a divided dual output.

Features of the J&S IOTS-Mini-4K includes:

  • Supports SMPTE ST-2082 full format transmission.
  • Compatible with signals of different formats and rates such as 5.94Gbps/5.934Gbps/2.97Gbps/2.967Gbps, 1.485Gbps/1.4835Gbps, 270Mbps etc.
  • Suitable for any format transmission from SD to 4K.
  • Multiple external interfaces Ethernet, BB, Data

The J&S IOTS-Mini-4K has multiple external interfaces, plug and play, which makes it convenient to operate. It supports 10/100/1000M adaptive Ethernet, bidirectional Black-Burst synchronous signals and bidirectional RS422/485 data transmission at a rate of up to 2Mb.

J&S MINI-100T/R-12G (4K Ultra High Definition Portable Optical Transceiver)

The J&S Mini-100T/R-12G 4K ultra high-definition optical transmission product is a mini terminal product with 4K signal transmission function. This product has an outstanding indicator characteristics and high security reliability. It is widely used in live streaming, sports events, important conferences, concerts, production companies and other high standard live streaming needs.

The product is compatible with the following.

  • All SMPTE standards (including but not limited to 11.88Gbps, 11.868Gbps, 5.94Gbps, 5.934Gbps, 2.97Gbps, 2.967Gbps, 1.485Gbps, 1.4835Gbps, 270Mbps various SDI signals.
  • NTSC/PAL non-standard image formats that comply with ST-2082-1, ST-2081-1, ST-424, ST-425M, ST-344M, ST-292M and ST-259M standards.
  • Compatible with DVB-ASI asynchronous serial digital interface format signals that comply with digital terrestrial broadcasting standards.


  • Supported transmission rate: 143Mbps ~ 11.88Gbps
  • Built-in 3 stage high speed jitter eliminated circuit to ensure ultra-low output jitter
  • The sending end is equipped with a LOOP independent loop out port, which has jitter cancellation function and can be used as a signal conditioning and signal source.
  • The receiving end has independent dual output ports to ensure fault isolation between ports and has an independent jitter elimination circuit.
  • Supports SD-12G arbitrary format pathological code transmission.
  • Supports SD-12G arbitrary format Equalizer test graphics transmission.
  • Supports SD-12G arbitrary format PLL test graphics transmission.
  • Optical port adopts an external FC/UPC interface, with low insertion loss and high security.
  • Equipped with SDI signal format indicator LED group, signal locking LED group.
  • Transmission distance: 20km, 40km (Optional)